Hi friends :D! So during my most recent summer vacation, my family and I went to Japan. We stayed there from May 15-20. It was such a different place from the Philippines and I really fell in love with it! I’ve learned and experience so much and today I will be sharing these with you.

So let’s talk about the flight. I usually get really dizzy during flights so half an hour before boarding, I take a pill to help with that. The pill will make you really drowsy so I sleep for most of the flight. However, when I’m awake I usually listen to music or eat food the plane has to offer. This plane ride wasn’t as worse as the others and the food was okay. 

We arrived around 1/2pm. The airport has a train station underground so I didn’t get to go outside until after the train ride. We went up the stairs to go out of the train station. Along with our luggage, we took our first step on the streets of Ginza, Tokyo. It was absolutely beautiful. The weather was not too cold (unlike HongKong), there was barely any pollution and people were riding their bikes, some with children at the backseat. Feeling the cool air hug me and breathing the fresh air, I felt warm and happy inside.

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Another World

 Hey guys, Kimberly here! Today I will be talking about my recent vacation. So I went to Nagoya in Japan around May 20. I really loved Japan particularly the food and culture. Japan was really different compared to Philippines because they were so disciplined and it was also less polluting. So today I am going to tell all about my experience in Japan.

            We arrived in Nagoya around late afternoon. As I took my first step out of the airport, I felt the cold wind rushing past my face. Walking through the streets to get to the hotel, I saw people riding their bikes with their kids in the backseat. There were many stalls with people selling food, medical drugs, toy store and book store. Upon reaching the hotel, we told them the room that we wanted and we went up to see our room. Our room was tiny so there were 3 rooms. One for me and my dad, one for my grandpa and grandma, and one for my auntie. After putting our luggages in the room, we went out of the hotel and went to find a place to eat for dinner. Turns out we had to walk for a good 15 minutes because all of the restaurants were full. We finally came across a small 2 story restaurant. We ate sashimi for dinner because that was the only thing in the menu. 

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